HATPC Reborn Debugging Tools


HATPC Reborn uses cookies to store your settings and level progress. It makes a cookie called "hatpcr" with http://www.droidfreak36.com/HATPC/ containing a string of decimal digits.

You can view this cookie in your browser, but I've also created a couple of PHP scripts you can use to read and edit it conveniently. http://www.droidfreak36.com/HATPC/munch.php displays your current cookie and http://www.droidfreak36.com/HATPC/bake.php?cookie=[your_cookie_here] sets your current cookie to the value in [your_cookie_here].

The contents of the cookie are divided into several smaller strings by the game that are interpreted in the following way:


There are some cheats avaialable to make it easier to test out levels. Check the controls page in-game to see their keybindings.